Why Can’t I Create A Sprite?

I had this question a little earlier so let me show you what you need to do when you’re unable to open anything 2D sprite related because it isn’t installed into Unity’s Assets, let’s fix that:

Let’s pretend like 2D Sprite isn’t already there, follow along!
Switch from In Project to Unity Registry

So once you open Package Manager up, you’ll be presented with this menu. If you search “2D Sprite” in the search bar, nothing will show up. Hit the drop-down box labeled “Packages: In Project” and switch it to “Unity Registry”

Click “Install” in the bottom right-hand corner and you’re good to go!
2D should be accessible in your “Window” drop-down menu
2D Object is even available when you right-click in the “Hierarchy” column

Now you’re free to create Sprites, phew! I had a little panic attack when my menu wasn’t prompting anything. Hopefully this helps you out!