Okay, so I implemented a reload system shortly after the last article and I have a few other things planned out that I wanna get learned and implemented, above I have the variables set-up for the ammo and reloading system, and I’ve prepped my method to be called and I named it _basiclaserReloading:

We have our true-false check to see if we’re reloading or not, we’ve got our timer going off and counting down to simulate reloading, and we’ve got our ammo refreshing if we hit 0 (zero). We just need to add a line of code in our _firingBasicLaser method:

Alright, now we test!

Barrel Roll? Okay, that might be put off for a bit but we’ll eventually make cube do a barrel roll!



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Andrew Lengen

If ambition and practicality amalgamated, it would be me! I am here to climb the mountains of my ambition and catalog my journey so that someone can be changed!