How Do I Start?

I have failed, a lot, throughout trying to become a developer. I struggle with starting because I overwhelm myself with a lot of prerequisites. I worry about making sure I use the best tool, the best language, the best method to get the most out of my time. It distracts me, overwhelms then demotivates me. I have a lot of anxiety about wasting my time is, probably, the best way to sum this paragraph up but I continue to come back for more. My goal in life has always been to bridge the gap in communication between people and I feel like games can do that. I want to change a life, better yet lives.

Enter GameDevHQ —their program has rekindled my flame along with the mental exhaustion of my job. It feels like I have been given a proper shot with the tools I need to do what I need too do. There is structure, organization, and help that I will need. This is possible.

I will not be stuck in this cubicle, 10-hours a day, doing mundane, mind-numbing and unfulfilling work. I will create my life changer, The Life Changer.

Now that I’ve bared a little bit of my soul to you all — I hope you come to see and appreciate the strides I make. I will not fail again.



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Andrew Lengen

If ambition and practicality amalgamated, it would be me! I am here to climb the mountains of my ambition and catalog my journey so that someone can be changed!