GitHub, Slow Down there Partner!

Yeah, I did this three times.. lemme tell you why

I have a tendency to try and go off the beaten path while following along.

I guess it’s just my curiosity to see what I can get away with and apply what I’m learning; we’ll call it “good practice”! Let’s just say I definitely got myself into a pickle for a moment but I got out of it. I’m definitely gonna review it a fourth time, maybe a fifth or sixth, to truly make sure that the third time was a charm.

“Branch early and branch often”, wise words and very important. The big takeaway from this is that “checkout” and “switch” essentially do the same thing. Another one of those situations that I wanted to make sure that I am using the most efficient method and “checkout” will cause less confusion! Below I have reference a link given to me by a friend as a solution to my problem!



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Andrew Lengen

If ambition and practicality amalgamated, it would be me! I am here to climb the mountains of my ambition and catalog my journey so that someone can be changed!